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Google, Yahoo, Bing ... without them the web would be chaos. Here's how to get indexed.

A functional website needs to speak perfectly and fluently with search engines in order to be in the first two pages of a search engines’ natural results. To obtain this result it is mandatory to implement the best practices in two different phases: the website development phase and the content creation phase. Major search engines have different ways of scanning the web and getting a good positioning in organic results can be an interesting challenge.
To obtain a good positioning in search engines, aside from some basic programming settings, there are also a number of techniques which should be taken care of by the stakeholder such as SEO Copywriting. There are also paid-tools as Search Engine Advertising that can, for a short period of time, raise the websites’ global ranking.

“What exactly is SEO Copywriting?”

SEO Copywriting are guidelines used during the content creation phase. Through a careful User Research (analysis of the customer base), relevant keywords are extracted which will then be used inside the website. Google, leader of search engines, rewards original contents and penalizes the so-called keyword stuffing (keyword relevance and context), therefore the stakeholder will need to balance the keywords inside the content.

“How can I track the progress of my site?”

To have a 360° view of its placement, you may need to use multiple instruments whose data, once crossed, could give you a complete overview of the situation. It is therefore important to remember that optimizing for search engines is not a “one-off” job: it is an “interactive” job that consists in activating a number of services that will allow you to monitor the situation and, in case of dissatisfaction, act accordingly.

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You can also activate paid-services such as Keywords Campaign that will let you “buy keyword” from the major search engines for a limited time. This allows great visibility for a certain period of time.