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Do You Want to be able to update your own website without spending a dime? Now you can and it is super easy.

One of the biggest worry for people who need a website but do not have programming skills is the updating of its content. Editing the contents of a website without having the ability to code can become and ordeal: sure, you can rely on an agency or a webmaster but, in the best case scenario, it means having to deal with non-estimated expenses(or delays in the delivery). The change must happen immediately, without downtime AND at zero expense.
A custom CMS allows all this without programming skills. Every CMS is created and “tailored” around the stakeholder’s needs: the actual user will not be the only one to exploit the website, also thestakeholder as the person responsible for its contents. It is therefore necessary to create a structure capable of managing content in a way that is both easy and immediate.


“How many types of CMS there are?”

There are many different versions: Open Source or paid-version, each of them with their own pros and cons. WordPress, given the simplicity of its management system, has now become a standard, but in some cases Joomla or even Tumblr may be the right choice. For ecommerce, Magento remains the most reliable due to its great community.

“Which CMS should I choose?”

This decision will be made based on the need and characteristics of the website and its core business. A paid version may be more recommended than free options in the case of e-commerce in which a “work in progress” day may cost money. All the pros and cons will be illustrated and all potential technical limitations taken into account.

“”Ok, easy to use..but who’s going to teach me?”

Shortly before the kickoff we will schedule two meetings (the second about 10 days after the first) on how to use the chosen CMS system. I will always be reachable by phone or email to dispel any possible doubt. In expressly required cases, I can produce video or PDF documents illustrating how to update the site.

“Apart from texts, what else will I be able to change?”

Texts and complex media such as videos or photos. In some cases, if specified in time, we can create a website that can change its own structure: it is a complex procedure, but if managed in time, entirely feasible.

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